Active in this passionate, interesting cosplay world since 2006 with handmade costumes.


At the age of 14 she started to make jewelry in her free-time. Later on Maemi begins to cosplay and occasionally models. Then she followed evening school to get 2 sewing certificates. Over the years her curiosity was triggered to explore other conventions. Maemi goes more abroad with her cosplay hobby and meets interesting countries (cultures) and people. Thanks to her gained experience, it leads to new opportunities: in 2013 she decided to become vice-president of cosplay4charity and is sometimes invited as a cosplay guest.


photographer: aleke

Entered and won various competitions over the years from France, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Special Final Fantasy contest winner (14 MAR 2015 - Made In Asia 6)

International European competitions:
2013 Eurocosplay: Preliminary selection with Bizenghast - finals with Warhammer: finished 2016 Eurocosplay: Preliminary selection with Snow from Once Upon A Time TV serie – finals with T.B.A.

Photo exposures in the Japanese Cosmode magazine: Princess Kakyuu, Madame Red, Yuuko Ichihara and Frost Fairy.

Earned a DeviantArt Daily Deviation with Bizenghast, 3 times in the "beliebte cosplay" top 10 at Animexx (Artemis 03 AUG 2011 + Jubilee 09 FEB 2013 + Swordmaster 04 JAN 2014) and 2 showcases on Cosplay.com with Mary Poppins and Artemis

Défilé opening at Japan Expo Paris (02 JULY 2014)
Bordercos group interval performance at MCM London (24 OCT 2016)


- 2010: Sunday at Paris Manga 9 (FR)
- 2011: Sunday at Anima (BE)
- 2012: Saturday at Japan Expo Belgium (BE)
- 2012: Sunday at BIFFF (BE)
- 2013: Friday at Japan Expo Belgium (BE)
- 2014: Saturday at Made in Asia 6 (BE)
- 2014: Sunday at BIFFF (BE)
- 2014: Friday at Abunaïcon (NL)
- 2015: Sunday at Antwerp con (BE)
- 2015: Saturday during the Cosplay Debute Contest at Animefest (CZ) 


- 2014: Saturday "Cosplay around the world" at Connichi (DE)
- 2015: Saturday "Cosplay around the world" at Animefest (CZ)


- 2015: "Cosplay for beginners" at Animefest (CZ)


Location: region Antwerp

Languages: NL, FR, ENG and basics of DE and PL

Hobbies: also a video gamer, music lover (music festivals, concerts), big Disney fan, going to the movies, a hobby photographer and sport (zumba, swimming)

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (adventurous, hilarious, extrovert, romantic, enthusiastic, spirited and an unstoppable crusader)

Their motto is “It is better to know how to learn than to know.” Sagittarians seek knowledge and wisdom, never tiring of the quest for what is yet to come. Even in a restrictive situation, however, they shall not lose hope–and it is their inspirational perspective that leads them to their greatest success. Their undying optimistic attitude is their biggest strength.